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Common Dating Myths Debunked!


Common Dating Myths Debunked!

To our great detriment, many of us single ladies are prone to making cold judgements about good people before we even give them a proper chance when it comes to our relationships.  And for this, I blame outdated old wives’ tales and stereotypes.  In order to have the true dating experience we all crave for, we must shed some light on some common dating myths and why we shouldn’t be living by them.

Dating Myth #1: Owning More Than One Cat Does Not Mean You Will Die An Old Maid


When we hear some woman has more than one cat, what is the first phrase that generally pops into your heads? “Crazy cat lady” would have been what I would have thought.  Sure, there are crazy women that own cats for some reason, however it’s ridiculous to compare mental illness and celibacy with owning multiple cats.

Dating Myth # 2: Women Who Love Sweatpants Need Professional Help


The baggy sweatpants have gotten a bad reputation as of late.  Almost every depression commercial depicts the sweatpants as a sure fire sign of mental instability.  However, I beg to differ.  Just because a woman wants to put on her most comfortable and over-sized sweatpants, does not means he needs to be quarantined and sedated.  So behalf of all the sweatpant-wearing lounging single ladies out there, I salute you!

Dating Myth # 3: Poor Is The Same As Cheap


As women, we have a tendency to compare broke men to cheap men and I’m here to say that there is a HUGE difference between the two.  Broke men may not have much, but what they do have, they happily share.  Cheapskates, on the other hand, have a lot, but are really stingy about sharing it. A broke person’s paycheque is usually a temporary situation, where a cheap person’s attachment to his money is lifelong.

Dating Myth # 4: The Word ‘Nice’ Is Code For Hideous


Generally if you are in your teens or early twenties, hearing the word “nice” about a guy your friend was setting you up with usually meant they were ugly.  However, after you get to your late twenties, you will realize that the word ‘Nice’ is usually welcome after the ‘cool’ guys broke your hearts.

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