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Best Kissing Styles Ever


Everyone has a different technique when it comes to their own personal kissing style.  Some people are more reserved with their kissing than others, and some go all out right away. But which ones are the most successful and most popular? I searched around to find out!

The Teasing Kiss

This type of kiss works especially well in the first stages of a relationship. Make a couple of initial pecks on the lips, and then on the 3rd or 4th, slightly suck on their bottom lip for a moment. Then repeat this process, but with their top lip. Keep doing this back and forth for a bit, and it is sure to elicit a sexy reaction from your partner.

The Relaxed Kiss

This is exactly how it sounds, and it’s one of the most popular types because it is intimate and romantic without coming across as too aggressive.  Keeping your jaws relaxed, touch your lips to theirs a few times, and slightly work your lower jaw as you continue kissing. There’s no forced positioning for your lips in this style, which makes it comfortable, sweet and relaxing.

The French Kiss

This is the most popular kissing style, but it needs to be used in moderation and carefully. The key is to not be too forceful and come out with a french kiss right out of the starting gate, because if your opening move is to ram your tongue into the other person’s mouth, you’re gonna have a bad time. Start off slowly with normal, soft kisses, and slooooowly work your tongue into the action. Don’t start by forcing it into their mouth either, lick their lips briefly first and you’ll get an idea on how into frenching they are, and can take it from there.

The Aggressive, Passionate Kiss

We all love it once in a while. That kiss where the chemistry between you reaches its breaking point and you ABSOLUTELY MUST KISS THEM NOW. The kiss begins with force and usually ends with passion, as you gradually relax as the tension slips away. This kiss usually begins with a brief moment of silence, when you both know exactly what is about to happen and aren’t quite sure how to start off. Finally you both can’t take any more and connect at the exact same moment in a firm, passionate liplock. It may or may not include tongue, this is optional.

The Tongue Twister

Start out with some romantic, slow kissing on the lips before guiding your tongue into the mix. Once you feel theirs, twist your tongue in a corkscrew motion around it. As you come full circle, pull your tongue back and lick towards the tip of their tongue, finishing with a soft peck on the lips.  A sure-fire way to drive anyone wild!


So now that’s you’ve got these top kisses in your mind, why not invite your crush over for a romantic movie night and try them out?

  • Noname

    I heard diseases also spread via saliva, so make sure kissing business to be hygienic one.